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Discover The Wonders Of Malta

With our October half-term expedition season in full flow, Kathryn our Sales & Planning Director headed out to Malta a few weeks ago for some pre-season supplier checks. In this blog we dive into what you can expect from this incredible European destination.

Discover the Wonders of Malta’s Marine Ecosystems

single diver exploring the marine wildlife and corals in the crystal clear waters of malta

Malta’s marine ecosystems are a testament to nature’s intricate beauty and the delicate balance that exists within our oceans. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta boasts a diverse range of marine life and habitats, making it a paradise for marine enthusiasts and ecologists alike. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the archipelago are home to a rich variety of species, from colourful sea grass beds and sponges to an array of fish, including groupers, octopuses, and seahorses. These thriving ecosystems serve as a crucial breeding ground and a sanctuary for countless marine organisms.

With expert guidance from our dive partners, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey into the depths, learning to dive and acquiring essential skills for exploring and preserving the seas.

Get Hands-On with Marine Conservation

5 divers underwater in the depths of the Mediterranean sea in Malta get involved with marine conservation

But it’s not just about adventure; it’s also about giving back. “We are all connected to the ocean. Without healthy oceans, no life, not even on land, can exist.” — Jean-Michel Cousteau. Our own survival is dependent on our oceans being healthy and full of life, yet only four percent are currently protected. Vast areas are unregulated and vulnerable to ever-increasing human pressures such as unsustainable fishing, irresponsible waste management, and climate change. Shockingly, ocean plastic pollution is projected to triple over the next 40 years, with waste expected to exceed one billion tonnes.

Malta’s commitment to marine conservation is evident in its network of marine protected areas, which aim to preserve the natural biodiversity and sustain the delicate harmony of its underwater world. Discover surreal underwater worlds, observe how the marine life is growing and help plan how to preserve and protect new ecosystems.

Join the Ocean Cleanup

picking up plastic bottles and rubbish from the beach and ocean and putting it in the bin. join the ocean cleanup true adventure

During this expedition, you’ll have the chance to actively participate in marine conservation projects alongside organizations like Sea Shepherd, Edge of Extinction, Shark Lab Malta, and the Cirkewwa Nature Reserve. Dive into projects aimed at preserving Malta’s marine biodiversity and combating the impacts of global warming. But that’s not all; you’ll also be part of an ocean cleanup initiative. You’ll spend the day kayaking and SUPing, actively removing plastic waste from our precious seas. One of the most shocking facts about ocean plastic pollution is the dire projection of its increase. By joining this cleanup, you’ll be taking a crucial step towards reversing this devastating trend.

Meet the Heroes of Conservation

female diver getting her dive apparatus ready to dive in the waters of malta

You’ll have the privilege of working alongside dedicated individuals and organizations committed to protecting our oceans. Sea Shepherd, renowned for its global marine conservation initiatives, is just one of the partners you’ll collaborate with. Edge of Extinction, focused on preserving biodiversity, Shark Lab Malta, dedicated to shark conservation, and the Cirkewwa Nature Reserve, a local haven for marine life, are also part of this incredible journey.

Contribute to Malta’s Research and Conservation

dive into the waters of malta and contribute to research and conservation projects

Your involvement will extend beyond diving and cleanup activities; you’ll play a crucial role in collecting data and insights to support ongoing marine conservation efforts. Whether it’s monitoring marine life, studying ecosystem dynamics, or creating campaigns to deter illegal activities, your contributions will make a real difference.

Get Qualified: Your Passport to Adventure

diver in the water discovering and underwater shipwreck with marine wildlife. true adventure diving qualification

Are your students new to diving? No worries! Malta provides the perfect backdrop for them to obtain their Open Water certification. This qualification is their gateway to exploring the underwater world safely and responsibly. They’ll learn the fundamentals of diving, including essential skills and safety procedures. The Open Water certification includes theory lessons (these can be done before you travel via e-learning), confined water training, and open water dives. Malta’s clear, warm waters make it an ideal place to learn, and you’ll explore stunning sites like Chikewwa and Anchor Bay.

Are your students already certified divers? They can take their skills to the next level with the Advanced Open Water qualification. They’ll build on their existing foundation, honing their underwater abilities while diving on exciting sites such as the Rozi tugboat wrecks and P29 wreck, with several specialities to tick off there is something for everyone. 

When is the best time to discover Malta?

three friends talking and smiling next to the Mediterranean sea in Malta

The best time for diving in Malta is from April to the end of October. During this period, the water is comfortably warm, ranging from 18°C to 25°C. Visibility is excellent, often exceeding 30 meters (100 feet).

Join the Expedition and Make a Splash!

Are you ready for your students to embark on this life-changing adventure? Sign up for an expedition to Malta today! Dive into the unknown, learn to explore the seas, actively participate in marine conservation projects, and join the crucial effort to increase awareness of our oceans and protect them for future generations. This expedition isn’t just about personal growth and adventure; it’s about creating positive change for our planet as well.

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