Discover The Wonders Of Malta

divers exploring under water in Malta with torches for true adventure discover the wonders of malta blog post

With our October half-term expedition season in full flow, Kathryn our Sales & Planning Director headed out to Malta a few weeks ago for some pre-season supplier checks. In this blog we dive into what you can expect from this incredible European destination. Discover the Wonders of Malta’s Marine Ecosystems Malta’s marine ecosystems are a […]

The Benefits Of School Expeditions For Girls’ School Students

girl student meditating in India. Photo for The Benefits Of School Expeditions For Girls' School Students blog post

At True Adventure, we believe that school expeditions are a powerful tool for promoting personal growth, building self-confidence, and empowering girls to become leaders. From developing new skills and perspectives to fostering lifelong friendships, the benefits of school expeditions for girls are truly immeasurable. But, ‘research has consistently indicated that females are more likely than […]

The Benefits Of School Expeditions For Boarding School Students

school students trekking up a mountain

Boarding schools offer a unique and enriching learning environment for students. With the opportunity to live amongst peers in an immersive community, away from the everyday life at home, the experience can be invaluable. True Adventure understands that travel has the power to inspire and develop young people like nothing else. In this blog post, […]