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While we fully appreciate that fundraising for an expedition is never going to be an easy task, it is achievable and it is a highly educational and satisfying experience in the end. The total figure may seem scary but when broken down by month and week, it is much less so.

In your Expedition Portal, you’ll find a range of supporting documents and links to websites to help in addition to a series of case studies from students who have been there and got the t-shirt.

Here’s how you can get there


Total target:


Months to departure:
18 (72 weeks)


Monthly target:

Mountain 2

Share from group events

Bag packing

4x team bag packing events

£ 65

Weekly cake sales

(£8/week for 20 wks)

£ 160

Monthly car wash

(£45 for 15 events)

£ 675

Fashion show

Fashion show event

£ 95

Total group funds: £995

Grass end grey

Profit from personal activities

Weekend job

Saturday job
(£38/day for 55 weeks)

£ 2,090

Online sale

Ebay sale of
unwanted items

£ 265

Bike ride

Sponsored bike
ride challenge

£ 300


Christmas presents

£ 150

Total personal funds: £2,805

Our venturers

I wasn’t sure where to start fundraising for my expedition as I was only 14 so earning money from getting a job wasn't likely.
I had to think of different ideas and did a number of things such as cake sales, car boot sales and painting garden fences. Be creative and try to make it as enjoyable as possible too!

Venturer 2

My biggest fundraising event was a race night held at the local village hall with a buffet curry, raffles and betting on the horse races (DVD). This raised around half of my total sum, so I would highly recommend doing something like this as it also gives back something to all those that are supporting you as it was enjoyed by everyone.

Venturer 1

Start fundraising early so you don't have to cram it all in the last few months! I found the best way to fundraise was to break it up. Don't worry about how big the target is, just gradually chip away at it until you have your final amount.

Venturer 3
Mountain 4

How do we get started?

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Helpful documents

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