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1,550 metres of pathway concreted to secure access to remote villages in Vietnam

People have their own personal motivations for signing up, but they all take away hugely powerful lessons and experiences for life, whether students, teachers or leaders. And it isn’t all about taking experiences away. Our expeditions are also about giving something back, so the project phase of our itineraries is something we’re passionate about.

And of course Universities, graduate recruiters and employers value the expedition process and the skills it fosters highly so it is a great addition to any C.V.

Skills development

Usually 18 months before the expedition departs, the team begins working together through fundraising, planning and training phases. Your dedicated Expedition Manager visits the team every half term to help facilitate this process.

The training weekend provides a great opportunity to establish the team dynamics and bond with your Expedition Leader, who will accompany you the following year. As outdoor professionals, they will teach practical expedition skills and raise awareness of fitness and health and safety while also facilitating personal skills development

This whole experience enables the team to prioritise what is important in life, to understand
the value of money, respect other people and to be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. They learn to work as a team, communicate effectively and build a sense of self-belief, while managing without the trappings and gadgets of home life.

Parents tell us their children return from expeditions as young adults, grateful for what they have and more prepared for their future.

Why go skills

Projects to make a difference

We’re fully aware that the project is usually the most vital element for our teachers, our students and their parents. This is why we invest time and money ensuring the projects are genuinely worthwhile and sustainable, which means your work will improve the lives of local people in the host countries you visit.

We work closely with charities and the Social Impact Analysis Association to ensure the work our teams carry out is genuinely beneficial and not in any way tokenistic.

  • Recent projects:
  • 4 mud hut homes built in Zambia
  • 5 toilet blocks built in Tanzania
  • 1,430 children educated in classrooms we’ve refurbished in Nepal
  • 5 water systems installed in Tanzania
  • 84 brick ovens built in 6 villages in Vietnam
Why go diff

Culture & impact

The power of cultural interaction on a True Adventure is hard to describe. Students may be well travelled but they won’t have had the same depth of cultural interaction and experience as life on expedition affords.

This level of engagement with the country and culture is what makes their expedition an unforgettable memory that students will want to tell to their grandchildren. It is about the time spent talking with local guides, living in a village as part of the community while working on their project or liaising with locals to organise travel and accommodation.

They make close bonds with locals as well as their own team. Students are awakened to how happy you can be with very little, how priorities and values can be so different and how tough and yet rewarding life can be. It is these eye-opening experiences that set them up for life as a respected and respectful member of society.

Why go impact

Real adventure

Our bespoke itineraries mean you can choose the very nature and extent of the challenge to suit your team. Some seek the enormous value in a project-only itinerary, working with the community or local charities to change the lives of others during their expedition. Others crave the challenge of ‘bagging the biggest peak’ while in reality, the majority ask for something in between.

Whatever the nature and extent of the physical challenge you seek, you can be sure of a real adventure to suit you, from high altitude climbing in Peru, PADI diving in Borneo and awe-inspiring horse trekking in Mongolia to mountain biking in Nepal, rewarding DofE Gold expeditions in India or thrilling white water rafting in Uganda. The memories, photographs, stories and personal satisfaction will last a lifetime.

Why go adventure

Our Expeditions

All of our Expeditons are tailored to suit you, here are just a few examples of the life changing trips we’ve created recently.

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South America
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Borneo Diving

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