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Use this calendar to get started with your fundraising!

Fundraising | 27th September 2017

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Hi everyone!

Here is a little something I put together for all our venturers starting out fundraising over the next couple of months. If you have had your launch meeting then hopefully you are feeling enthused and ready to get creative in your fundraising! Now you are signed up for a True Adventure expedition, here is how you can start fundraising. This calendar comic strip should help you think about the next few months and how to break the fundraising down into manageable chunks and different events. Some will be longer term, some will be one off events. Some will be as a team, some you will go it alone but either way it is good to have a few plans in the pipeline and really keep the fundraising ball rolling!

Before you start, make sure you have a good plan and an easy way to get in touch with everyone else in the team. Most of our teams make a Facebook group which is great for updates and organising when you are not all in the same place! However, to keep the team spirit and make firm plans, it might be useful to meet up during a lunchtime to eat together and chat once a month. It’s great to be able to talk to people who are in the same boat as you to get ideas from each other, after all you will be spending a lot of time together on expedition – why not get to know each other now!

Try to think of your skills and interests, you can create an event or fundraising plan that allows you to use what you are good at. Also think of any contacts you have, anyone that could help you out, whether it’s with a venue, sponsorship, providing a service...ask around!

Finally a massive good luck to everyone who has a fundraising plan in mind! The team at True Adventure can’t wait to hear your stories and how it’s gone! Let us know your progress, send us any photos and videos you have and we can help give a little publicity to your event!

All the best!

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