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United World Schools Partnership

Company News, Expedition News, Fundraising | 17th November 2014

Here at True Adventure we are passionate about supporting projects that are genuinely worthwhile and sustainable, as well as enabling cross cultural interaction and development for young people. We are very excited to be working with UWS and building upon our commitment to providing our school teams with incredibly valuable projects.

Our long term goal is to build strong relationships between UK schools and overseas projects. We are aiming to have a selection of sustainable projects that we work with and to be able to introduce teams to these the moment they sign up for an expedition. This will ensure a sense of ownership among the students (and also help with team fundraising!)

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UWS is an independent charity set up in 2008 when the founder Chris Howarth saw a need and opportunity to work with the hugely under-resourced local authorities of Ratanakiri, NE Cambodia, and took action. The charity is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for some of the world’s poorest out-of-school children, who live in remote and post-conflict regions.

The mission of UWS is to improve educational opportunity in the developing world, creating cross-cultural global links and promoting world citizenship. They achieve this by building a network of community-based primary schools. As such, they provide free basic education and the opportunity for children who have been denied access to education to learn to read, write and count.

The first UWS project that True Adventure are supporting is Takok Charai School, in Ratanakiri district, NE Cambodia. The school provides educational opportunities to over 200 children and young adults from the Takok Charai community. Collaboratively, we will create and facilitate opportunities for True Adventure school teams undertaking expeditions in Cambodia to visit and deliver projects at the UWS partner project site.

True Adventure school teams will have an incredible opportunity to experience a new way of life in a rural village whilst giving back to the local community. Teams will help broaden horizons for children in the village through a highly impactful educational project.

We are really looking forward to developing our partnership with UWS and introducing school teams to this unique project opportunity!

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