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Is going on a school expedition the right choice for you?

Adventure, Company News, Expedition News, Fundraising, Latest Expeditions | 24th November 2014

As we launch new and exciting school expeditions for 2016, I am frequently approached by students to discuss whether joining the expedition is the right choice for them. Whilst we of course want to encourage personal development opportunities for as many students as possible, we are under no illusion that it is a big decision for both students and parents to make.

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A major thing students consider when making this decision is the seemingly scary thought of … fundraising… dum dum dum! Fundraising does not need to be scary or intimidating, in reality it can be as much fun as you make it. I often ask students if they have a hobby or are part of a sports club? If so, this can often be linked back to your fundraising. Past Venturers have washed their football teams kit after every training session or match and in doing so raised their contribution to the expedition and even had enough left over to buy his mum a new washing machine!

Fundraising is also extremely flexible and can be managed to fit around your busy schedules. If you would rather chip away at your fundraising target little and often, why not consider getting a Saturday job? Besides helping you to save money you can simultaneously add to your CV. On the other hand if you are more of a ‘leave it to the last minute’ kind of student, organise a few big fundraising events such as quiz nights or sponsored bike rides to raise lots of £££ in one night! A past Venturer raised over £600 in one evening by hosting a 'Nepali Evening' in his local village hall and whole teams have recently raised over £4000 by hosting a Bollywood Evening at school with a meal, raffles and dancing!

The best ideas come from students and whatever it is you decide to do, you will receive lots of fundraising support through regular team meetings and online in ‘My True Adventure’. The point is that fundraising is achievable so long as you are determined to go on expedition and have once in a lifetime experiences – we know this because 80% of our Venturers raise 80% of the money every year.

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Most students want to join an expedition team with their group of friends. We understand this, of course you would want to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat, trek across the Himalayas or build a classroom in Tanzania side by side with your school friends! However, don't let this hold you back as we can almost guarantee that you will make new friends before you go on expedition. Part of the development programme is designed for you to learn about teamwork, leadership and team dynamics. The training weekend is where this is most obvious but you will start to make new friends during our team meetings and at group fundraising events. Friendships are forged on expedition. Working together to achieve a common goal, whether that is to reach the top of a mountain or complete a sustainable project, is how these are the friendships grow to last a lifetime.

Travel can also broaden the mind by providing countless opportunities to try new things. It could be the first time you are away from home, tasting new foods or camping in the wilderness… embrace it! Expeditions enable you to experience a new culture, live amongst remote villages and visit the hidden corners of the world. Don’t let fears of tents or bugs hold you back, we will research the destination through team meetings so you know exactly what to expect from life on expedition and will always have team mates and leaders around you.

Of course I am biased and will always encourage people to travel, why else would I do the job I do! So chat to your parents, older siblings and friends to see what advice they can give you. No doubt they will have countless travel stories to tell! Above all, you can rest assured that by going on a True Adventure expedition you can begin your travel career whilst supported by your school and our industry leading safety and back up. Also, all your achievements on expedition will be a direct result of the hard work you have put in fundraising, training and planning… it is after all your expedition and your door to the world!

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